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Giampiero Bodino High Jewellery: the perfection of the unexpected


Giampiero Bodino is a true artist and, as such, he is moved by all that is beauty and refinement. His love of the detail and his passion for the individual is what characterises all his creations, and what makes them unique, as unique is the woman who choses his jewels.


The roots of inspiration of Giampiero Bodino’s unique pieces are many, but all with one strong elements at heart: Italy, and its reach heritage and culture. In his words:

My vision is that the Maison that bears my name should be profoundly Italian. It should combine all that is the most stunning and poetic of Italy with a resolutely contemporary “anima”.


Giampiero Bodino. Cameo Ring


A Maison with a heart and a soul; a new identity based on centuries of culture and the Italian arts recreated through a personal interpretation that lies between the noble suggestions of cultural heritage and the visions of contemporary art.

This is the beating heart of the collection Capi d’Opera.

A collection that follow the “Flow of Lightness”, giving us the Tesori del Mare jewels: creations that through their delicate articulations and light movements recreate the sense of lightness and freedom of the waves of the sea.

Giampiero Bodino. Tesori del Mare transformable Necklace. Blue sapphires, diamonds, white gold

This is a necklace that brings to our eyes the energy and deep beauty of the sea, in the play of light of the diamonds and the blue degrade of the sapphires. An important jewel, yet very light, and very wearable.

The white gold and diamond necklace can be worn on its own, while the two wavy elements become sophisticated earrings.

Light that is enhanced by the mise à jour work, that allows each and every gem to capture as much light as possible.


Giampiero Bodino. Tesori del Mare Ring. Emerald cabochon 12.89 cts, diamonds, white gold
Giampiero Bodino. Tesori del Mare Ring. Rubellite, 17.59 cts; diamonds; pink gold


It is not only the sea and its mesmerising colours, but it is also the ancient and noble Italian heritage that finds creative and artistic expression in Giampiero Bodino’s jewels.

Giampiero Bodino. Mosaico Bracelet. Diamonds and pink gold

In the Mosaico Bracelet, the ancient lines that one can admire in monuments such as the Basilica di San Vitale or the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, in Ravenna, are reinterpreted in an utterly contemporary vision.

A design that plays with forms, volumes, light, in an ever-changing game of reflections that surprise us at every change of the point of observation.

Giampiero Bodino. Chimera Ring. Oval-shaped diamond, 3.01 cts; diamonds; white and pink gold


Nature is another powerful source of creation, with its delicate and fierce colours, its delicate and sensual flowers in bloom.

Giampiero Bodino. Primavera Ring
Giampiero Bodino. Primavera Ring. Yellow diamond, 1.62 cts; three rose-cut pear-shaped diamonds; white and yellow diamonds; blue sapphires; white and yellow gold


A final tribute to pure color are the Rosa dei Venti earrings, and the Passamaneria Ring.

Giampiero Bodino. Rosa dei Venti Earrings. Purple sapphire (Madagascar), 2.37 cts; blue sapphire (Sri Lanka), 3.61 cts; precious and semi-precious coloured stones; diamonds; white gold

The Rosa dei Venti diagram is the perfect base for audacious colour combinations, and it is at the centre of these earrings. One earring chromatically recalls the other, in perfect and complementary balance.


Giampiero Bodino. Passamaneria Ring. Pink tourmaline, 23.58 cts; diamonds; white gold

An impressive 23.58 sugar loaf cabochon-cut pink tourmaline is the dome in which this ring’s architecture culminates. Its supreme protagonist.

The ring’s name, Passamaneria, is there to recall the embellishments applied to refined textiles and garments, here interpreted in a voluptuous decoration that compose the fleur de lys motif. A design as elaborated as the most delicate lace.


These and more creations are treasured in Villa Mozart, a splendid example of Art Deco architecture at the heart of Milan, and today headquarter to Giampiero Bodino himself, his genius and his masterpieces. By appointment only. CC


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