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Nature as inspiring Muse for Marco Bicego’s new Lunaria collection


Marco Bicego is back to celebrate nature, the absolute passion that has always been his muse. 

He does it with “Lunaria”, his new collection born from the boundless knowledge of 18 karat gold modelling, and from his predilection for organic shapes: essential expressions of the Brand.

The Marco Bicego brand combines in fact the old world artisanal knowledge with utterly contemporary design, conveying the typical values and details of the Made in Italy, for which is it recognised and appreciated worldwide.

The distinct uniqueness of Marco Bicego’s timeless jewels, its core, can be then described as a unique combination of goldsmith expertise and of irregular shapes, be these 18k gold or precious stones, which are embraced and enhanced by the jewel design itself.


It is Nature acting as the inspiring Muse to Marco, who welcomes and cherishes what Nature has given him, by keeping it true to its original form, without any artificial cuts or modifications.

The distinctive elements of this collection are the delicate gold plates, molded by hand, by the celebrated “Bulino”, a tool devised for the art of hand-carving, and which gives the gold a fine brushed texture. The result evokes the delicate movement of leaves rustling in the wind and whirling in the blue sky (the other base colour of the collection, rendered by mesmerising carefully selected dark aquamarines).


Each silhouette, deliberately irregular, is patiently modeled by expert craftsmen. The alternating sequence of irregular chains with the hand engraved elements gives the collection that inimitable lightness which is the unmistakable signature of Marco Bicego.

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Material courtesy of Marco Bicego.


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