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Bulgari’s Giardini Italiani High Jewellery Collection: a Renaissance Revival

Bulgari launches its new high jewellery collection, Giardini Italiani: more than 100 unique creations inspired by the art of gardening as it flourished during the Italian Renaissance.

The grandiose art of the Italian garden flourished during the Renaissance, a period in which architects, painters and sculptors such as Michelangelo and Raffaello gave a new interpretation to the ancient culture inherited by the Humanism and reshaped the features of beauty by experimenting a new idea of nature and art.

It is indeed in the gardens of various Palazzis and Villas that the Art established its most profound relationship with Nature: from the Vatican’s Belvedere, to Villa d’Este in Tivoli, from Villa Lante in Bagnaia to Boboli Garden in Florence, the renaissance architects went beyond the traditional imitation of nature to reshape its contours, to give it a form, and to finally transform it into the man’s work.


The Italian garden is an artifice that exploits nature in the same way as fresco uses the colour palette or sculpture the marble block: fences forming harmonic geometries, pleasing to the eye thanks to their pure forms; water brightly gushing out of fountains, and capturing the senses; the playful transfiguration of evergreen trees, pruned like sculptures; the fragile yet powerful colour of flowers, and then statues, caves, water and greenery theatres, festoons, dramatic terraces, nymphaeums.

Just like the most famous Renaissance architects, Bulgari does not consider Nature as a model to be reproduced, but as one of the biggest art’s epitome. Nature as an inspiration force, the origin of that beauty which will be recreated in impromptu designs and shapes; Nature as the most precious raw material, which requires savoir-fare and respect to be transfigured in work of art.

Since its very beginning, Bulgari’s jewels and timepieces are born out of this never-ending dialogue between Art and Nature. Nature that can be found in the precious metals and in the gemstones, in their beauty and in their constraints. Art, which lives in the designers, gemologists and goldsmiths’ works.

Bulgari’s new high jewellery collection, Giardini Italiani, is indeed an ensemble of spectacular jewels, where art’s most evocative elements can be found, thanks to the refined craftsmanship of Bulgari’s designers and artisans: fences and flower beds’ sumptuous geometry, that comes to life in the Sparkling Hearts necklace, where fancy-cut diamonds add an utterly romantic touch to the renaissance design, and in the Geometries of Time timepieces.

Scintillio di cuori
Sparkling Hearts Necklace. Bulgari, Giardini Italiani High Jewellery Collection.
Geometrie del tempo
Geometries of Time timepieces. Bulgari, Giardini Italiani High Jewellery Collection.

Fountains’ sparkling, that twinkles in the Water Symphony’s two extraordinary sapphires, or that shines in Magical Reflections’ diamonds and that suggest a perfectly rounded image through the more than 125 carat sapphire of Love’s Paradise.

Concerto d'acque
Water Symphony Necklace in the making. Bulgari, Giardini Italiani High Jewellery Collection.
Riflessi magici
Magical Reflections Necklace. Bulgari, Giardini Italiani High Jewellery Collection.
Paradiso d'Amore
Love’s Paradise gouache. Bulgari, Giardini Italiani High Jewellery Collection.

The flowers’ intimate and vibrant poetry, that echoes in the Spring Encounter (an homage to Botticelli) and in the extremely modern Secret Garden. The festoons’ precious lightness, that gently unfolds in the seven amazing sapphires of Blue Iridescence.

Incontro di primavera
Spring Encounter Necklace. Bulgari, Giardini Italiani High Jewellery Collection.
Giardino Segreto
Detail of the Secret Garden Necklace. Bulgari, Giardini Italiani High Jewellery Collection.
Bagliori Blu Sketch
Sketch of Bulgari’s Blue Iridescence Necklace. Giardini Italiani High Jewellery Collection.

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Bulgari’s new high jewellery collection, Giardini Italiani, is the metamorphosis of gems and precious metals into unique jewellery creations, where beauty has no limits and the material is pure form, light and sensuality. CC

Post edited by Claudia Carletti, Jewellery Through Time. All material courtesy of Bulgari Press Office.


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