The Editor: Claudia Carletti


Claudia Carletti, a GIA Applied Jewellery Professional and based in Milan, is also a Marketing and Communication Manager who, as such, had the chance, thanks to her job assignments in a multinational company, of touring the world, being able to appreciate all the different colors and flavors of the cultures she encountered.

Such a cosmopolitan dimension of life has nurtured her deep passion for gemstones and high-end jewellery, widening the horizons of her perceptions and deepening her understanding of beauty, of balance, of daring designs, volumes and color combinations.

High Jewellery Dream would then like to be a sort of magic universe, where to share what makes Claudia’s heart beat fast, what captures and stirs her imagination, what makes her curios to discover more, what leaves her speechless.

This to communicate jewellery by transcending it and by building an emotional bridge between the jewel’s soul and the beholder’s. This is my Vision.

Sometimes it will be an entire collection, or a historic piece, or one single spectacular creation to speak to the reader, to try and convey the same emotions, wonder and admiration that Claudia feels.

All this is also shared with the readers of the international digital luxury lifestyle magazine Eat Love Savor, with which Claudia collaborates since September 2015.

Welcome then to this passionate journey, made of exceptional gemstones, spectacular creations and timeless craftsmanship.

Claudia Carletti

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