The Duchess of Windsor engagement ring by Cartier

We are ours now 27×36.

This was the message engraved on the engagement ring given by Edward VIII to Wallis Simpson in 1936, the numbers referring to the day Edward proposed: 27 October 1936.

Wallis Simpson and her emerald engagement ring
duke and duchess of Windsor wedding day
The duke of Windsor (formerly Edward VIII) and duchess of Windsor on their wedding day, June 3, 1937.

The Duchess of Windsor’s engagement ring was designed by Cartier around an impressive emerald of 19.77 carats. This precious stone, representing hope, was a symbol of protection for the marriage.

The jewels of the Duchess were bought by her husband Edward (the former King Edward VIII) or herself.   The only pieces given to the Duchess by the Royal family were the pearls of Queen Mary as a final gesture towards her son Edward and his wife, as somewhat of an apology.

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